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Published On: April 18, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Diwakar Sapkota



I disown your incessant love

I was unaffected by your feelings

Left you in days of quagmire all alone

Now your pallid life shows iridescence

But my dreams has lost its way

Your heart may be stubborn

To yield to the other again

But empty your heart for me

If it still has modicum of space

Burn down your lavish love for me

Don’t look linchpin to hold our hearts

As my mind always fickle

Let me smug in my own way

I don’t want to fall for you the first time

To settle in the zone of my comfort

Because I don’t want to be self-egoistic again

Because I don’t want to hurt your heart again

Sorry, feelings, poem,

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