Published On: July 7, 2018 08:23 AM NPT By: Sonam Lama

Sonam Gyalmo: A heart-wrenching love story

Sonam Gyalmo: A heart-wrenching love story

Staged in a typically authentic setting of the Tamang community, Sonam Gyalmo is a heart-wrenching tale of love-loss based on an ancient Tamang folklore. The story begins in a jocular mood, with people gathering for a wedding ceremony where one of the pivotal characters narrates the story of the estranged lovers, Sonam (Sonam Moktan Tamang) and Gyalmo (Shanti Waiba), who fall prey to the atrocious conducts of the then Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana. 

Depicting the scenario of a remote village area, the story shows the chemistry between Sonam and Gyalmo – a newly married young couple proving to be each other’s best-suited companions. Their lives turn upside down when Gyalmo sets out to fetch fodders in the forest but end up being abducted and physically abused by Jung Bahadur Rana. In order to avenge the loss of his wife, Sonam plots an attack against Jung Bahadur, per the law of ‘Jaar katne’ -- which penalizes the person by death who forces himself against other’s wife.

The opening of the play draws the viewer’s attention to sync well with the plotline. With an array of props and musical notes played for every changing scene, the play succeeds to keep a strong connection between the spectators and the characters. The characters are personified as various animals, tickling the viewer’s funny bones. Yet, the metaphorical depiction of the unpleasant scenes adds as a mean of catharsis for the spectators. 

The play based on a common folklore paints a bleak picture of the suspicious interpretations surrounding the death of Jung Bahadur. However, it is one of the visual reflections of the interpretations of the Tamang folklore. 

“Working under the concept created by Fulman Bal, I worked on my direction with my team members and we were able to create Sonam Gylmo after rehearsing for about a month,” said director Sonam Moktan Tamang. “This is my first-time directing, and I am glad to be receiving positive feedbacks from the audience,” he added.

"The play definitely has become a life time experience for me, and I hope I have been able to deliver the best it could,” said one of the pivotal characters, Shanti Waiba.

The play is being staged at Shilpee Theater every day. It is slated to run till Asar 25 except on Tuesdays at 5: 30 pm.

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