Published On: July 19, 2020 01:06 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Someone asked me what is opportunity ?

Someone asked me what is opportunity ?

Someone asked me what is opportunity
I say it's like a river flowing abundantly
It passes through everyone to give equal destiny
But only few knows its value and others just let it pass cursing the fate in absurdity.

Coming to the mountains has taught me so much in life
It's hard to survive but fate has so much to give
It's on the people how they see the future and keep working to achieve
But sadly most stops dreaming just by looking to their present and thinking what's there to conceive.

As crops grown in a ground doesn't turn into food and come straight to your mouth
Similar is the case with opportunity that doesn't come directly to you when you're in doubt
You should get out and work for it even if you are weak pretend and shout 
Nor your dreams will get weaker no matter in how many prayers you cry and bribe that'll never workout.

Just by sitting and complaining will never work 
Just cursing others for achieving what you have not achieved will just burn your ego and you'll get hurt.
So just leave what others are doing and get back to spadework
If your start from now someday sooner or later with belief you keep struggling then for sure your opportunities will shine and colour your luck. 

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