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Rapacha is currently perusing A-levels from British Model College.

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Published On: July 18, 2018 01:47 PM NPT By: Animon Rapacha

Smile, an everlasting smile

Smile, an everlasting smile

At the end of the day, after your busy schedule, you probably return home exhausted. Maybe it is because you are so much occupied with the assignments and project works that you hardly any have time to think about things you love. Or, it may also be because of something that you missing in your life, which are yet to discover.

If I am wrong, then it must be the explosion of thoughts and feelings that left you numb. It’s just not tolerable to you. Yet, you’re still holding onto it as long as you can. Well, if it is killing you every day you must let it go. Life is already complicated; it is advisable that you don’t further complicate it by listening to your heart.

You must be thinking that it is risky and question yourself with “what ifs”. After all, you have the right to govern your life the way you want to. Your life is stirred by your will. 

It’s been quite a while since you started chasing the reality. You found out numerous missing ingredients along the way which finally adds a taste to your life. Isn’t it human nature to have unpredictable feelings and thoughts? I think you are just doing fine. It is hard to find a soul without any problems.

Look at yourself. Look back at all those experiences you have collected. Aren’t you proud of yourself? Don’t you think your existence matters to people around you? Don’t you feel you still have a long way to go? Don’t you think you cannot lose yourself when life challenges you? It’s a battle between you and your life. You are the only warrior on the battlefield against every obstacle.

So when life gives you a hundred reasons to be frustrated and gets tired, show life that you have thousands of reasons to smile. Smile it off.

Rapacha is an A-levels student at British Model College.

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