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Published On: April 11, 2020 04:54 PM NPT By: Republica

Smart styling tips for men

Smart styling tips for men

Plan your clothing and make it ready the night before

Mornings can be a rush hour to decide what to wear so plan about what to wear the night before. What to wear should not be the first thing you have to think about in the morning.

Prioritize fragrance

It might sound unreal but a lot of things look even better when they smell nice. Good fragrance helps something or someone maximize attractiveness.

Dress accordingly

Dressing accordingly to the place you are going to or an event you are attending is an important clue to smart presentation of yourself. Imagine attending a meeting on shorts and walking on the beach dressed in your favorite suit. Horrible right? So always keep in mind of where you are heading to and dress accordingly.

Know what suits best for your body type

Anyone who incorporates the right fit can look like a stud. It doesn’t just make you look smarter but also makes you appear much cleaner and helps you feel confident about what you are wearing.

Keep it simple

Often times less is really more. Overdressing or wearing weird combinations makes you look peculiar rather than trendy or chic. So, try dressing simple as possible. If possible, go with neutral colors rather than bright and colorful ones

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