Published On: March 24, 2019 07:30 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Size is just a number

Globally plus size people are considered as unfit for modeling and the media fraternity. Only good looking people and ones with a fit physique are considered fit for that field. However, women like Sapana Rai—the first plus-size model of Nepal, are changing the stereotype that size is just a number. Rai’s zeal to top transforms all negative remarks regarding size into positivity.

The winner of Super Plus Size Model Nepal 2018, Rai also weaved her magic at an international platform. She debuted as a participant representing Nepal in MsTop of the World Plus Size 2018 (similar to Ms World), she won Ms Smile Award for Nepal. Besides, she brings enchantment to the audience in the media realm being a radio jockey. She runs shows related album launch and beauty tips in Keeps FM.

“I travel across the country and bring plus size people in the valley to give them motivational sessions. In those sessions, I try to inspire them that plus size people are capable like any other person. Also, I try boosting their confidence levels and give a direction to do something productive in the future,” Rai said.

However, Rai’s physique was trim before. According to her, she had a tonsil-operation of the neck in Delhi seven years back. Dr Sajin Shrestha was in charge of the surgery. He cautioned about the side-effects of medication—either she will lose or gain weight. As she started to take medicine, her body started to gain weight, the skin also darkened.

Being a plus size was the turning point of her life.  She started receiving negative remarks. “My friends make fun about me in term of my size. Even the family members taunted me in sarcastic tone that I would not get my prince-charming because I was oversized,” She recalled. “Moreover, traveling in public vehicles was a daunting task for me. Co-driver treated merudely as I occupied more space in the bus. Also, after I applied in Thailand for a job, the interviewer questioned my ability because of my size,” she added.

Rai appealed to the people to support the Ms Plus Size winner like Miss Nepal.  “I humbly request everyone to inspire us instead of dominating.  The participants of Miss Nepal garner an overwhelming support when they participateat international levels. However, in our case, no one take us seriously,” she stressed.

She believed that beauty is not only having a perfect physique; instead to look beautiful from the inner side.  Based on the inner beauty, she has been conducting a motivational sessions for plus size people. She has surveillance to different part of country to look for plus size people. She then brings them to Kathmandu and conducts a motivational session.

“I have always inspired them that size is just a number, if you push yourself beyond the limits. I inspired them to showcase their talent so that they compete amidst other people,” Rai shared.









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