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Published On: September 12, 2019 02:50 PM NPT By: Republica

SHOX: Earthquake and India’s blockade inspired fuel saver

The year 2015/16 was proved to be a great depression year to Nepal. During this period, Nepal was facing earthquake and the scary aftershocks on the one hand and the blockade at the Nepal-India border on the other. And all these incidents were creating a scarcity of petroleum products in Nepal.

At that time, some youngsters felt the need to develop sustainable energy products within the country to get rid of the scarcity of petroleum products. Meanwhile, one of them was Sishir GC, the Butwal-based mechanical engineer who was in India at that time.

After realizing the problem of Nepal, he promised himself of a goal to invent something that could be used to replace petroleum products which subsequently would be environment-friendly too.

“I was in Bangalore when the quake shook Nepal. When I came to Nepal with my group, we found that people were in need of support; houses and monuments were in ruins and there was the scarcity of petroleum products. Then, the blockade by India was even worse. There were hardly any petrol and diesel. That struck my mind and as a mechanical engineer, I thought I should do something. So, I started working on this device ‘Shishir’s Hydrogen Oxygen Device’ aka SHOX which took me four years to complete it,” explained GC.

SHOX is a machine which makes cars and motorcycles run on 40 percent water and 60 percent on petroleum products.

Despite the fact that his mind was hit by the problems of petroleum scarcity, he believes the machine might not have been possible if he hadn’t known about Elon Musk, technology entrepreneur, investor and engineer. “I love his work. You can see Tesla model cars. It’s fast, convenient and the best part is that it fully runs on electricity.”

So, how does SPOX work?
GC’s SHOX works as a savior in a vehicle. The machine breaks water into its components: Hydrogen and Oxygen. After separation, it sends Hydrogen to the engine. Speaking on the process, GC said, “Hydrogen is already a fuel. So, it helps to preserve petroleum when it is sent to the engine. It’s a good option and it barely has side-effects. That’s why; rockets also use Hydrogen instead of petrol and diesel.”

Saving petroleum products is not only the advantage of SHOX. It also increases the mileage of the vehicles. “Suppose, a vehicle runs 30kms in per liter petrol. But if we use SHOX in a vehicle, that vehicle will run for almost 50kms per liter. After the experiment, we found that it completely works in good condition.” In the long run, this device also helps in saving the huge amount of money that people spent on petroleum products after staying in the hectic line.

Like most of the inventions, making SPOX had its own hurdles, said GC. He wanted to make it fully run on water but due to unavailability of suitable things needed, the invention had to be postponed. Likewise, he also considered getting patent rights as one of the toughest things he had faced during the works of his device.

One of his first goals is to complete his postponed work, which is to make a device that enables vehicles to run fully on water. “Not 40 percent or any percentage of water, I want to make a device that makes vehicles run without any petroleum fuels.”  Apart from that, he also wishes to make his own car one day.  

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