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Published On: November 18, 2017 10:08 AM NPT By: Kiran Lama/ Nasana Bajracharya

Short Films for better cinematic experience

Short Films for better cinematic experience

Ekadeshma International Short Film Festival 2017 started from Thursday providing a platform for short films to be showcased in silver screen. The fifth edition of the festival started with the screening four films--A Gentle Night (Chinese), Retouch (Iranian), Taste of Love (Austrian) and Silver Bangles (Nepali)--among the 99 short, outstanding films being screened at QFX Kumari Cinemas, Kamalpokhari.

These films fall under five different categories--Let There Be Light, Changing Perspective, Future of Cinema, Made in Bangladesh and Power-fight or flight--depending on the topic the film revolves around. Regarding the screening, they have been scheduled into various slots over a period of three days. A slot contains four to five movies which are screened back-to-back.

The films have been directed by filmmakers from Nepal and all over the world including students of film-making. The films tell stories about different contemporary issues, cultural and social struggles, from their perspectives. This has also become a platform where directors have a chance to understand the perspective of other filmmakers and discuss each others’ work.

Like the movies, audience seen in the venue were also from different walks of life. My City’s Nasana Bajracharya and Kiran Lama talked to few of those who had came to watch the movies and asked them what they loved about the festival.

Bikash Neupane Director of movie ‘Lachhamaniya’ from Kathmandu

It’s been eight years working as a filmmaker.  Being a filmmaker, this festival is the biggest platform for me. And it is a chance for a new filmmaker to be noticed as a professional filmmaker. I don’t really make films for commercial purpose. But it should also make some profit. My movie ‘Lachhamaniya’ is also being showcased in the festival. This   movie is based on an original short story of author Sanat Regmi. The setting of the story is 2036 BS, which was quite challenging for us to create a similar setting. And Sanat Regmi liked the film which is a big relief for us. The film depicts the ‘Aawadi’ community of Nepalgunj. Laxmi Bardewa and Suraj Malla are the actors of the film and have put a great performance. 

Saman Shrestha Rock Climber and Winner of Himalayan Roadies from Kathmandu

Short movies are interesting and I enjoy watching them. And I am also looking forward to make a short movie myself so I came to this festival since last year. I am here to collect the experience and some ideas to make short movie in the future. Nevertheless, due to busy life schedules, I like to watch short films because they give message as well as entertainment within a short duration. 

Sarita Poudel Student from Shovahiti, Lailtpur

The best part of the festival is watching the art of narrating stories in short period of time. And this is my first experience of short film festival. I felt proud when I saw women participants in this festival. I enjoyed all the featured films, having diverse stories. I had just watched ‘Mother’ which touched my heart so much. And certainly this kind of festival should organize more to uplift the film industry.

Robin Sharma Cinematographer from Shovahiti, Lailtpur

Film means the art of expression and I have been a part of this festival for five years.  I’m also a graduate from Oscar International College as cinematographer. So, for me, it is an experience from the point of view of my career. Basically, I liked the films from Iraq and Switzerland because they told captivating visual stories. This kind of film festival is inspirational for the struggling film makers and has an important role for them. So, I see it as the platform for the young generation film makers for expressing the art through visuals.

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