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Published On: September 17, 2018 01:20 PM NPT By: Darshan Khanal

She is silent!

She is silent!

Where’s peace? Is this the land of Buddha’s morals?
This is land of hungry predators.
Whose prey are the Cherishing little angels.

She is silent because feminism here is a joke to share
Equality is meaningless to hope when
She is murdered unborn here who does care.

Males are the superiors, the joy ravisher of females
She is silent because justice is so often
The culprits are the leaders, police themselves

She is forced to be silent; she is forced to be dull.
She regrets being born as daughter 
Still, she is molested everyday she travel

Humanity is missing; land is full of savages rather
Whom to believe whom not to?
When she is raped by her own father.

She wants to be free; she wants her life as she wished.
She should shout and I should listen 
Because every beauty doesn’t meant to be raped.

Khanal is studying in grade XII in Omega Int’l College.

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