Published On: August 12, 2017 01:07 PM NPT

She called me grumpy

She called me grumpy

She yelled at my every sheer insanity
She laughed at my ill-conceived schedules
And I could trace sarcasm in her every single word

She was the Satan for me
I despised her and called her sardonic 
I thought she was a bit much of my fate
And she was believed to be the living baddy in my life

But now that she isn’t with me anymore 
I feel sorry for that tiny innocuous creature 
I regret the every curse I’ve muttered for her
Cause none of them are the ones I can take back

Once I used to be stubborn little nincompoop
She was the only one to handle me with care
She woke the nights just to let me sleep 
And listened to my every nasty moonshine

But as the moons passed, she was losing herself
She began to suffocate and began to cough
As she was becoming weak day after the other
And she hid it all behind her smiles

One day it so happened that I wasn’t in home
And all she was doing was the daily chores
Perhaps it was the last day she had to do them
Because she set her voyage to heaven after that

She broke me into pieces and reduced me to tears
Now each of her scolding lingered in my ears as rhapsodies 
Every single corners of the house hauling her and only her
But now she wouldn’t come back home

And now I stand here; all down and all low
Just remembering the times we spent together 
Wishing I could go back in time
Not to change things; just to feel those times twice

Unishma is studying in grade X at Nabin English School.

she, called, me, grumpy,

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