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Published On: January 18, 2018 09:57 AM NPT By: Dipika Shrestha



It’s a story of a girl, who got married early
Forgot to check the guy’s background thoroughly
Well he’s rich, handsome, and talks so sweetly
Think the parents and seal the deal quickly.

With so much love they marry off their fragile child 
But not a single day of marriage, she got a reason to smile 
Closed the door and stayed for a while 
She cried, couldn’t tell or ask for help. 

Because she is a girl, how can her pride be a trade? 
She knows she’ll be blamed for not keeping him happy 
If he’s fire, it’s her duty to be water 
It’s her duty to not extend the fight further. 

Just stay silent and let happen what’s happening 
That’s what the society wants and it’s saddening 
It’s a trap that the society has set for a girl 
That’s why she has to face by herself all straining whirl. 

She’s ready to live that hellish life 
With a guy who doesn’t know how to treat his wife 
If only she could gather some guts to speak up 
I bet there are thousands of women who would have stood up. 

Remember, it’s not the society that is restraining you 
It’s the fear inside you that is letting the society restrain you. 


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