Sujata Awale

Published On: February 11, 2018 12:03 PM NPT By: Sujata Awale

Sharing life with you

Sharing life with you

It was wonderful 
To know a kind soul like you
Even wonderful to share 
Special feeling call love with you
To have my best friend 
To be my life partner, my hubby dear
I am lucky to have you by my side 
Who understands me wells
You are always there to support, 
To encourage, to teach and to guide
You accepted all my strength, 
Flaws, weaknesses and my every side
I thank God to match my luck, 
My life with you
To constitute beautiful love and happy life
In two-year of conjugal life, 
We made countless memories 
Priceless are the moments 
That we shared together 
Though being wife is not so easy 
But I know being husband is also challenging 
Your love, care, touch, 
Smile, talk, and all your habits 
All became part of my life 
And you know I liked them all
To my special person, my hubby dear 
Who can’t see tears in my eyes
I want to promise to love you 
For who you are for all my life.

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