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Published On: July 19, 2022 01:30 PM NPT By: Republica

#Sexploration episode -5  Is it wrong to talk about Sex?

#Sexploration episode -5

 Is it wrong to talk about Sex?


Sex is considered an important aspect of every person's life. Therefore, everyone has the right to information about sex and reproduction. Although society is evolving, the issue of sex is still not debated openly. In fact, experts have been saying that if sex is understood correctly, it will bring various benefits such as relieving stress and provide energy to the body. In this concern, episode five of exploration hosted by Nishma Choudhary with guest Anugya Kunwar, a SRHR advocate had a fun and descriptive discussion on Sex, Pleasure Sex and importance of Foreplay for all the genders.

Anugya Kunwar, a sexual and reproductive health and rights activist/SRHR advocate at Feminist Futures Nepal, says, “In Nepali society, men are more likely to interfere with women's bodies. The female body seems to be the means of providing sexual pleasure to the male. Due to this kind of practice in society, women have lost their rights over their bodies. From childhood, women are taught and brought up saying, 'You belong to a man.' As a result, women do not even know if they have a right to their own body.”

“From childhood, Nepali society has been taught that having sex is a bad thing in one form or another. There are taboos and narratives that one cannot have sexual intercourse before marriage, it is a sin to have intercourse with a heterosexual person, it is the work of men to make a woman suffer. Thus, even educated women who have a lot of knowledge about sex still cannot talk openly about sex because of such things that are ingrained in their subconscious minds, which is also the systemic flaw of our educational system and society.” states Kunwar.

"In recent times, there has been no open debate in Nepal on the issue of sex. As children are not effectively educated about sex in school education, most people in Nepal are not aware of sex due to systemic errors. That is why young people are more curious about sex," she says."In Nepal, there is no open talk about premarital sex. In a society where sex is interpreted as a post-marital relationship, sex is not taught in our society that it is also necessary for interpersonal relationships," she adds,"sex is also needed to connect emotionally and mentally with one's body. Masturbation is also an effective way to deepen your relationship."

There is not enough education available in Nepal about sex. It is unimaginable that in a place where even general knowledge about sex is not available, education on sexual minorities and their sexuality will be available. We can talk about 'sex', but we can't give education about it. Kunwar says, 'Everyone has their own journey of sexual relationship in life. Everyone has a different experience. In Nepal, the topic about our reproductive organs is taught to boys and girls in secondary level. But there is no detailed teaching on why sex is done, its advantages and disadvantages, how it is done. So, the sources become media, movies and porn. Since even the teachers who teach such subjects are not trained, most of the students in Nepal cannot get enough information about sexual education from school. Due to the lack of knowledge about sex in school education, people often acquire knowledge about sex through the internet, movies and porn. Due to which, even men have a misconception about sex. Therefore, it is necessary to change the attitude towards sex in Nepali understanding by providing education on sex from school level onwards.”

Overall, the episode discusses about Sexuality Comprehensive Education, Orgasm Gap, Sexual Independence, focused on sis head male perspective, fulfill the sexual pleasure of husband, premarital sex, deconstruct the idea of guilt and shame that comes with masturbating, discuss the techniques of self pleasure, how sex is only portrayed as if its only for men, sex life relation to emotional and physical health of a person, masturbation and pleasure sex, (queer pleasure and sex, foreplay); its importance and conversation on how it should be for different genders.

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