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Published On: August 5, 2019 08:45 AM NPT By: Sujan Nepal

Sentience of Perfidy

Sentience of Perfidy

Photo Courtesy: Gay San Diego

Kinsfolks ploughed upon my rejoice at a glance
Leaving hope of recouping a nary chance
Nighest peerless ones are outlying cold
Folks kneading my torso are now sold

They’d encircled me as an avarice-enriching key
Stayed sycophant spying on ingenious me 
I am agnized with their concealed companion with gain
Stupefied me, wanted them to endure my pain

Suffuses no numerous pretexts present 
Exclusively, the reason is, I am in the predicament
They deliberated I would necessitate assistance 
Likelihood to the outflow of their time and pittance

I am not nostalgic about this, rather very joyful
Ecstatic to know about their ambidextrous stance
Because you’re unknown, how I stand here entirely 
It’s my endeavor without you folks undeniably 

Though, instigated ignorance upon me by your crew
I refuse to brush off; I turn down to desolate you
Because I am not bondage to capital and supremacy
And the attested asset is kinship underpinning potency

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