Published On: August 20, 2019 05:20 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Self defense is not just about physical defense

Padma Khayargoli, a medical doctor at Kathmandu Hospital, Tripureshwar was sexually molested by her own uncle but she defended herself from being raped. This incident motivated her to continue her journey as a self defense trainer. Currently, she works as a vice president at Bhaktapur Self-defense Marshall Organization and organizes self defense training in various parts of Nepal. Khayargoli is a perfect example that self defense training can help women to combat harassments.

Meanwhile, rapidly growing harassment cases also indicate the urgent need for a change in education and awareness in the society to avoid such crimes. According to a recent data of Nepal Police; every day six rape cases are recorded in Nepal.

However, there are some concern people who are working to promote self defense technique among youngsters and self defense trainer Giri Bahadur Sunar is one of them. Sunar has led several self defense trainings, seminars and events for women empowerment.

Self defense is a technique that is done for self protection from any forms of harm. Most of the people consider physical defense is the only way of self defense. However, there are several types of self defense techniques used for corresponding harm or emergency situation. Self defense process is primarily categorized as basic A, B, C, and D which stands for ‘Avoid’, ‘Be Calm’, ‘Communicate’, and ‘Defense’ respectively.

There are two steps that should be maintained before using self defense technique. In the first step, if someone is teasing you but he/she is doing so without causing any kind of physical harm, then you should ignore it at that point. And the second step is to talk to the concerned authorities to take an immediate action.

According to Sunar more than 60 percent of harassment cases go unreported due to lack of communication. “It is very crucial that a victim communicates about his/her problem, so that immediate action could be taken toward the culprit, but most of the victims never try to communicate which makes the situation even worse,” says Sunar.

In some harassment situation, the victim does not have the time to stay calm or communicate. During such scenario defense techniques are used. There are several misconceptions related to self defense such as it takes years and years of practice to learn the tricks; woman cannot defend a man and more. Here, in the video, self defense trainer Giri Bahadur Sunar debunks five myths about self defense along with some tips.

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