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Published On: June 17, 2017 11:10 AM NPT By: Republica

SEE results vibe!

Students in Nepal don’t get as much attention for any other examination results--be it +2, Bachelors, Masters or higher--as they get when Secondary Education Examination (SEE) results, used to be School Leaving Certificate (SLC), are out. They get congratulatory calls and text messages from relatives they haven’t heard from since last Dashain or longer.  Their results become one of the priorities in social events. If they are not much of a family person, they utter ‘Same Pinch!’ and ‘Let’s party’ at least a dozen times while discussing their results with their friends. Typically considered “an iron gate”, SEE examination is the first national-level examination they attend which is why this examination holds a special place among students, parents and their relatives.

According to the Office of the Controller of Examinations, 462,136 students appeared in SEE examinations, out of which 12,284 obtained A+ (GPA of 3.65-4). Likewise, 42,427 students scored A (3.25-3.6 GPA), 50,646 students obtained B+ (2.85-3.20 GPA), 61,955 obtained B (2.45-2.80 GPA), 91,314 obtained C+ (2.05-2.40 GPA), 108,464 obtained C (1.65-2.00 GPA), 64,577 got D (1.25-1.60 GPA), 11,285 got E(0.85-1.20 GPA) and 15 got N(0.00-0.80 GPA).

Here, some of our SEE graduates shared their experience on how they felt and what they are expecting ahead  to My City’s  Shuvechchha Ghimire.

Pooja Giri ,Gyan Kunja Higher Secondary School, Rabhibhawan

I was excited when I first got a message saying I had scored a 3.85. While I did expect a lot more, I am happy with my results. So are my parents. After hearing the results, I first called my father because he wasn’t home and I wanted him to be a part of my happiness as well. I will be pursuing Science for my +2 because I always wanted to be a doctor. What made today different, from say yesterday, was the fact that I have received so many congratulatory calls and messages, all of which make me feel special.

Ujwal Pradhan,Siddhartha Higher Secondary School,Chitwan

I got a B+. When I first saw my results, I was like ‘meh’. Now that I think about it, if only I had worked a little harder I could have achieved better results. However, I am still happy because throughout my secondary school I didn’t really get more than a B+. When my parents called me to ask about my results, I was so happy that I was not home in Chitwan because it could be in a bit difficultly. On the phone, my father simply congratulated me and said I could always do better in the future.

Santosh Giri,t Sainik School,Dharan

I was shocked  to score 3.35. I felt lucky because I hadn’t done much preparation for the SEE examination. I still cannot believe my results. When I first called my father, he was both shocked and happy. I remember my father’s words, “Badhai Cha Babu, Ajhai accomplish Gardai Jau.” Plan is to celebrate my results with friends tonight. I am going to pursue Management course.

Samikshya Singh , Hilltown Secondary School Kritipur

I got an A. When I heard that SEE results were out, I was a bit nervous. But everything turned out just fine. Upon hearing my results, I texted my cousin brother first because we had to make plans to celebrate my results tonight.  I then got calls from my parents and sisters. I have talked to all of my friends since; they all have performed very well. We hope to catch up soon to celebrate the results.

Garima Timilsina, Sky Rider Higher Secondary School Chitwan.

I am a bit sad that I scored less than I had expected. I got a 3.75 but I could have obtained better results. I haven’t seen my full results – my mom called me to tell me my GPA.  My parents are genuinely excited for my results. My dad even posted my results on Facebook. Scrolling through congratulatory messages under my father’s post made me feel really special. I am not much of a celebrating type of person, so I think texting my friends and receiving congratulations from my relatives is all I am going to do about my results.

Roshan Shrestha, Siddhartha English Higher Secondary School Chitwan

I got a 3.6 GPA.  I had bigger expectations, which is why I am going to apply for a re-totaling. I really think I deserved better results than what I got. I still have a feeling that if only I had a 3.65, I could have gotten an A+. I am dissatisfied with Social and Nepali results, although I did leave few questions unattended; I simply didn’t get enough time. My parents called me and have organized a celebration for Saturday.

Subid Adhikari, Navajyoti Higher Secondary School, Basuki Nagar Marg.

I was at my home when I first heard that the results were out. My mom and I logged on to the website together to see my results. While we were on it, she and I had rather different faces: I expected different, more positive results and hence was sad with what I had got. However, my mom was happy with it and has even planned a gathering for tonight. I plan to pursue management for my +2 and modeling as my career.

Pragya Thakuri, Nightingale Secondary School  Kupondole

I got 3.7 GPA. I was first sad with my results because I had bigger expectations. My parents, on the other hand, were really happy and have organized a gathering. With time, I have quite accepted my results. My cousins who appeared SEE with me have helped me a lot in terms of accepting the results; they got 3.8 and 3.65. I plan to pursue MBBS in few years which is why I am going to apply for science in +2.

Bikash Regmi, Motherland Higher Secondary School Pokhara

There was a huge tension piling up in regards to SEE exam results. They were supposed to be out by Jestha 26, then by Asar 1 and finally yesterday, it got delayed by half an hour. Amid all these delays, or rumors, I was very much nervous. When I finally got my results, I was very happy. I  even screamed at the top of my lungs. Apparently I had forgotten that I was in a bus and that people were not used to loud screams inside the bus. I got a 3.75! I called my parents as they were desperately waiting for results as well. I plan to celebrate my achievement with my friends when I go back to Pokhara.

Durlove Sainju, Cosmic International AcademyKoteshwor.

I was on the internet all morning to see my results. I was at last notified that I had scored 3.55 on my mobile.  It was not what I expected but I’m quite happy with my results. My phone has been ringing with congratulatory messages or calls all day and there might be a party soon; not sure when. As for my future plans, I think I will be continuing my education in my own school. I’m quite interested to study engineering so I will be pursuing that. No any plans to go abroad at the moment.

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