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Published On: June 14, 2019 08:07 AM NPT By: Dipendra Thapa

Scrolling down the news feed

Scrolling down the news feed

Scrolling down the news feed I see

The humorous meme belittling me

To draw you towards the real line

I share those humorous memes with thee


Your posts and pictures are benign

The tags and wishes in your timeline

Are all matter of interest to me

So I scan them often being clandestine


Your innocent act arouses wrath a little bit

For you would become friend with benefit

Your tik-tok setting is annoying sometimes

What drives you to act insanely in the street?


The news feed makes me forget to dine

“Facebook is useless,” says a friend of mine

Never mind, once she becomes mine

I would utilize leisure time to shine

Honey, is that worth posting in my timeline?











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