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Published On: November 16, 2017 09:45 AM NPT By: Aditya Neupane and Kiran Lama

Save your health to save your wealth

Save your health to save your wealth

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which affects other organs of the patients resulting in terminal diseases like heart attack, failure of kidney, hypertension or high blood pressure and so on. World Diabetes Day was celebrated across the country on November 14 with the theme ‘Women and Diabetes-Our Right to Healthy Future’. 

Meanwhile, a free health camp organized in Khichhapokhari with the collaboration of Kathmandu Valley Hospital and Kichhapokhari Business Association to mark the occasion. More than 200 people participated in the health camp for their diabetes checkup. Aditya Neupane and Kiran Lama of My City talked to some participants at the camp to know their views on diabetes. 

Khil Bahadur Roka Deepak (Stationary Shopkeeper)

I am a patient of diabetes, so I have to visit the hospital in every two months on a regular basis.  I don’t know about the government’s plans and policies to control diabetes, but I don’t think medicines alone can be the solution to this ever increasing problem. We also have to change our lifestyle. Daily exercise, intake of healthy nutrients, and regular checkup of blood pressure as well as sugar are the key things to avert diabetes. The government should focus on organizing such free health camps in the rural areas because the people there need this service more. 


Dr SM Bhattarai (General Surgeon)

I am a general surgeon at the Kathmandu Valley Hospital. I have seen people’s perception changing about diabetes of late. One should immediately visit a hospital or see an expert if they notice symptoms like polyuria (frequent urination), polyphagia (increase in hunger) and polydipsia (increase in thirst), among others. Diabetes is a stress related disease and is more common among people who stay in distress. Hence, people should stay away from strain and should not aim thing they cannot achieve. Keeping pets can help reduce stress, so if you are not allergic that can also be an option. Nowadays people are becoming increasingly conscious about their health. Though diabetes is not a fatal disease, its effect can hamper the functioning of other organs. Unhealthy lifestyle is another main cause of diabetes so people should try to stay healthy by controlling their fat intake, exercising, doing meditation and yoga, consuming green food, reducing sugar intake and so on. 

Dr Sadhu Kamati (General Physician)


We are celebrating this year’s World Diabetes Day at the health camp. We have collected more than 200 blood samples for the diabetics test. There are many factors that are responsible for diabetes like unhealthy lifestyle, negligence in diet and genetic disorder. To reduce the consequences of this disease, patients should immediately visit the hospital after visible symptoms. Though people are aware about this disease, they are not conscious toward their health. Regular health checkup is still an alien concept in our county because people visit the hospital only when they absolutely have to. Meditation, yoga and exercise are the best ways to stay away from diabetes. The government should implement health insurance system because it is really difficult for rural citizens to afford health care facilities. 

Gopal Maharjan (Vice-president of New Road Business Association)

I am here as a volunteer for the free health camp. I go for my full body checkup in every six months and do all possible things to avert diabetes like morning walk, yoga and meditation. People are neglecting their health due to busy schedule, but we should not forget that health is wealth. I think people should give some time to their health and the government as well as concerned bodies should organize awareness raising programs outside the valley to alert people about the symptoms and prevention of this kind of disease. Media also plays a vital role in disseminating information about the disease. 

Srijana Bhandari (Nurse at Kathmandu Valley Hospital)

Diabetes is a stress related disease so an individual must try to reduce their stress in order to stay away from diabetes. Though people are being more aware about this disease, they don’t try to control oil and sugar consumption in their diet, which is the main reason for increase in diabetic patients in Nepal. If an individual experiences the symptoms of diabetics like frequent urination, frequent hunger and fatigue, then they should visit the doctor immediately. I think all health posts should be equipped with machines to detect and cure the disease because poor people cannot afford the cost of diabetes diagnosis. Diabetes also affects other organs like kidney, heart, liver and eyes so it is important to cure diabetes in an early stage.  

Rajendra Pathak (Accountant at Nepal Telecom)

This health camp is like a blessing for those people who cannot afford regular medical checkup. My office is near to this place, so I just rushed for my diabetes check when I heard about this health camp. I am well aware about diabetes, so I make sure to control my sugar level with exercise, diet control and regular checkup. People of rural areas are still not aware about this disease and its symptoms, so I have established Easy Life Pvt Ltd in Bharatpur to aware people about disease and preventive measures against diabetes. 

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