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Published On: December 27, 2021 02:36 PM NPT By: Republica

Sanjeev Pokharel's 'Ek Ani Shunya' released

Sanjeev Pokharel's 'Ek Ani Shunya' released


'Ek ani Shunya', a book on western philosophy by Sanjeev Pokharel was released amidst an event at Publication Nepalaya on Saturday. According to a press statement released by Nepalaya, the book builds upon the 10 major philosophical trends that form the basis of western philosophy. The author launched the book by offering it to his daughter, Khushi Pokharel.

"I choose to gift this book to my daughter as a metaphoric gesture of handing it over to the younger generation of readers, who I hope will find joy and meaning in reading it,” it quoted Sanjeev. "This book is my attempt to explain some important or key questions in western Intellectual tradition in simple Nepali language so that the readers here could understand and connect with these ideas."

Explaining the relevance of western intellectual tradition for our society, he added, "Many of the structures and ideas that form our contemporary world come from the western tradition – the western experiences of nation-building, state-citizen relations and so on. So, I think it is essential that we understand the key concepts of this tradition, so we can understand ourselves better by understanding the west."

The book is a year-ender for Nepalaya publications. The book outlines the western intellectual history of the last three thousand years and shows how the ideas were formed, dismantled and regenerated again. In that sense, it represents the evolution of intellectual history through conjecture and refutations. The title of the book 'Ek ani Shunya' symbolizes this cycle of birth, decay and regeneration of ideas. Every thought that has been expressed must perish and again renew over time.

'Ek Ani Shunya' is priced at Rs 495 for the Nepali market and will be available in all leading bookstores of the country. The ebook copy can also be purchased from It will be available worldwide on Amazon.

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