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Published On: July 30, 2017 11:17 AM NPT By: Republica

SAAYAD 2 fails to impress

fails to impress

After the success of 'Sayaad', movie goers had much expectation from 'Saayad 2'. The movie, however, fails to impress.

'Saayad 2' revolves around four friends and their love affairs. The storyline is basically lies, conspiracies and betrayal, and an unrealistic guide on how to impress girls. From the opening itself, the film leaves a boring impression. The scenes and dialogues are unnecessarily extended, while the actors are unrealistic.

The film has also used flashbacks unnecessarily. The story plot was sloppy and its execution took a heavy toll on the film’s impression.

Lead actors Sushil Shrestha (Anurag) and Sharon Shrestha (Arpana) were not convincing enough and their dialogue delivery was out-and-out unimpressive. Their reactions were out of place whereas Sharon doesn’t even have much dialogue in the film. The action sequences were also unconvincing.

Every time Kushal Pandey (Roy) came to the screen staring at Sharon, it got a good laugh from the audience. He was seemingly more of a creep than a lover. Sunil Rawal, who is also the producer of the film, at first seems like he has some role. However, his scenes turn downhill after the second half. Neither do other supporting characters have much role in the movie.

Amrit Dhungana (Rabi) had his moments in the film and his comic timing, at times, was fair. He plays the role of one of Roy’s friends. Dhungana almost carries the whole film on his shoulders with his comic timing, but he fails to impress with his serious acting.
Dhungana, who seemed more of a side character at first, later evolves as a prominent character. He plays the role of a friend who gives stupid advices. He is the kind of friend one should avoid .

The ‘Najik Mero Aau Na’ song is peppy, but its lyrics don’t match the setting. Another romantic song ‘Pahilo Prem’ has an appealing backdrop shot in Pokhara.

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