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Published On: July 10, 2017 12:20 PM NPT By: Pratik Rijal

Rules to keep up with long-distance relationship

Rules to keep up with long-distance relationship

Many say it’s difficult to maintain long-distance relations, and carry it further. Some say they cannot imagine long-distance relationships, while some manage to be in love from any corner of the world.

But I say you can make long-distance relationships work if you follow the right steps. You have to always listen, not just hear and nod, but intently listen to your partner’s thoughts. Do not be possessive and nagging if you are in a long-distance relationship. Expressions of love and intimacy keep relationships fresh as new.

The second thing is to make your partner realize that although you are not with them, you understand how they feel. Share everything and leave no room for misunderstandings.

And the third step is to manage time for each other. Everyone is busy with their lives, especially those who are abroad and trying to earn a living. If you or your partner is studying abroad, understand that there are assignment, projects, thesis, exams, classes and jobs to take care of. But, make sure you take time to communicate with each other.

Then there is the visiting part. This might not be possible for all long-distance relationship lovers, but make an effort to occasionally visit your partner. Seeing each other after a long time will stimulate your love and create positive vibes in your relation.

Meanwhile, the gifting part is equally important. Showering your loved one with personalized gifts and greeting cards is an indicator of young love. Support your partner in whatever they do, and assure them that you will always be by their side in happy as well as difficult times.

Love is a difficult emotion to nurture. It requires uncompromising and relentless efforts to mature. Cheating is always off-limits. So, stay faithful even if your partner lives a hundred miles away and you cannot see each other every day. If you ever feel like cheating, remember the reason you fell in love with your current partner. This will help you get some grip on reality.

It all depends on your emotional strength to continue or sever a long-distance relationship. Keep in mind that you two will be able to be with each other someday, and don’t let the geographical remoteness break you down.

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