Published On: June 17, 2022 02:30 PM NPT By: Samiksha Shrestha

Thrash Metal band ‘Warheads Nepal’ representing Nepal in Bangalore Open Air Festival

Thrash Metal band ‘Warheads Nepal’ representing Nepal in Bangalore Open Air Festival


The Kathmandu-based Metal Band 'Warheads Nepal' formed in October 2018 is representing Nepal in the Bangalore Open Air Festival 2022, India’s biggest and dedicated Pure Rock and Heavy metal open air music festival which will be held in December 3.

Among different bands, Warheads Nepal became the winner of Wacken Metal Battle Nepal held in 2020. The Bangalore Open Air is the event that brings international and local metal bands from around the globe which takes place every year in different parts of Bangalore city.

The band, consisting of five members from different backgrounds -  some doing shows in Thamel and some running an independent band - collaborated five years ago creating a progressive band. The vocalist is Sumit Moktan, guitarist is Ajay Khadka, lead guitarist is Suvarna Raj Chauhan, drummer is Hanish Shrestha and bass guitarist is Nikhil Manandhar.

Nikhil Manandhar stated that one of the main challenges that they as a rock band have faced is the amount of viewership. He said, “When we launch new original songs in the market, the news coverage is very low.” In Nepal Underground Metal Scene shows are not conducted as often and even if some are held, there is not much space for the mainstream band and music.

Manandhar said, “The events and platforms conducted in South India such as Bangalore Open Air Festival and Wacken Open Air Battle provide new opportunities for the metal scene and underground shows.” He mentioned that there are a few events organized in Nepal as well such as Thrashmandu and Silent Festival and wished that more events should be held in the country.

The band carrying the motive of making Nepali music renowned internationally and to show the world that such type of thrash metal band does exist in Nepal through such platforms during the Wacken Metal Battle is now representing Nepal. Manandhar said, “There is no chance of making any mistake. So, we are jamming and practicing to prepare for the competition more than a month in advance.”

Manandhar said that if they win in ‘The Open Air Festival’, they aim to work on their originals which are yet to be created due to time limitations in the past. He shared their dream of representing Nepal at the Wacken Open Air in Germany which they will grab a chance after winning the Bangalore Open Air Festival Competition. He further added, “My suggestion for the upcoming young musicians and band members is  - keep on working, keep your music close to yourself. Don’t let any obstacles hamper your music journey.”


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