Published On: November 29, 2017 04:38 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Robot serving food in Kathmandu (With video)

As times goes by, the world becomes increasingly high-tech, while humans depend upon the innovation of science to make life easier and faster. Likewise, the fast food business marked a new height with the opening of Kripsy Krunchy Fried Chicken (KKFC) last Friday. KKFC is located on the ground floor of People’s Plaza, New Road. Since it’s opening, the restaurant has become a unique spot for customers as the food here is served by a programmed robot called ‘Amy’. 

“We got the idea of serving the dishes through Amy after seeing similar restaurants all over the world on YouTube. I think ours is the first restaurant where a robot serves the food,” said Owner of KKFC, Amar Shah.

“We procured one robot at the cost of Rs 1.4 million from Japan. This is only a trial phase. We are hoping and expecting positive response from the customers so that robots become the new future of restaurants,” added Shah.

According to him, about one-meter tall robot is able to deliver food to the tables and greet customers with simple phrases like, “Dear guest, your order is here, please help yourself,” and when the customers take the tray from the robot it requests them to touch its hand so it can go back. The robot travels along magnetic strips on the floor and use an optical sensing systems to run back and collect meals. It has a battery life about eight hours when charged for 12 hours.

Shah, 22, had worked in different restaurants like KFC and McDonald as waiter and manger when he was in Australia for his studies which attracted him to open the fast food restaurant in Nepal. He has also received training in food safety to maintain hygiene and quality of food.

As many as 85 people can have food at once at the restaurant. The menu at KKFC consist fries, crispy and crunchy chicken, grilled chicken, burger and other drinks and also coffee which starts from Rs85, regular fries up to Rs 2520 and KKFC special meals. Shah said the price of the food is cheaper here as compared to KFC. 

Sanngyam Rumba, 23-year-old tourist guide from Balaju who was at KKFC, said, “Actually, I came here through Paradygm TV, a Youtube channel. And the best part of this restaurant is that the food is served by robots and it makes the service delivery faster. I liked the chicken and was amused by the food serving robot.”

Another guest at KKFC, Hemesh Gurung an accounts student from Bashbari, admired the taste of the food there. He stated that the food tasted homely. “I was just strolling at People’s Plaza for shopping, but I notices this restaurant and came here. I think I will come back soon.”

The motto of the restaurant is “straight from farm to the plate” while the chickens are supplied from Budhathoki Cold Store, shared Shah. He believes that utilizing local products will help local farmers. Shah said the intention behind naming the restaurant KKFC was to challenge international franchises like KFC, McDonald and the likes. He said it took two weeks to finalize the name of the restaurant.  

Shah is currently planning to expand his business nationwide and later expand it in the international market. Well, a place that has robots serving food is the future and you can experience it at KKFC. 

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