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Published On: August 15, 2017 12:29 PM NPT By: ADISH KARKI



Most of us believe that taking risk is quite ridiculous. To take risk is a dangerous task as it may or may not help to perform better or accomplish any work. But risk can be extended, not literally but in our imagination.

To make risk a friendly term, we should take it as a leap of faith that pushes our boundaries. Likewise, the word ‘dream’ resonates a mythical concept of the slumber world, where we can be superhero or celestial beings or something surreal. But, the literal meaning of dream has crushed people’s imagination.

Imagination can take us light years ahead from where we are. Dream is not a state of slumber, but it is a reflection of our imaginations and expectations that don’t let us sleep.

Dreams are meant to be followed and risks are meant to be taken. It is said that those who don’t take risks cannot achieve anything in life. Though, we might fail while taking risks, we should not worry about the outcome.

Success is not winning, but is bouncing back with breakthrough. Risks open the gate of success. Success is not determined by the number of our wins, but by the amount of risk we take to realize our dreams. Success and dream are equivalent whereas dream and risk are directly proportional.

The pleasure we obtain while taking risk is the biggest pleasure. Regardless of our win or loss, the pleasure is always heavenly. But mere words won’t do anything, though others might appreciate our words, appreciation is nothing compared with winning. Hence, words must be transformed into action and accordingly pursue the dream.

We need to have covalent bonding with risks as it will eventually help us in achieving our dreams. The fundamental success story in most businesses is derived by the amount of risk taken. Although money can buy most happiness and luxury for human beings, the pleasure of risk and thereafter success is priceless.

So never give up, and concentrate on the ultimate goal. If you are ever scared to take a risk, remember why you decided to do it for risks are vital to conquer dreams.

Adish is studying in Grade X at Sathya Sai Shiksha Sadan, Tokha.


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