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It is early morning and I am writing my blog. I want to retrieve things from memory. I want to write for expression. Greatness and sodden with thoughts I have liquidated my existence on these pieces. Writing and Reading is a palatable thing. There are essays on why to read and how to write. I will read them shortly. Essays from John Berger, and like the course titled Basic readings in Humanities which we did at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Well, I have now begun to make blogs.

I remember an article from the Forbes magazine where we can get to know the effective means of communication used by different Great leaders. Well, let's talk about that article. I will provide you a review of it. I skimmed through the news article and came to know that they read between the lines. Reading between the lines is my favorite part. These great leaders are good communicators and they communicate not only to influence but, sometimes to listen from others as well. The adaptation to listen and go on a discussion with the one's opposing you is a great discourse. There should be a focus on other people's receptive circle. Rather than telling about oneself. Knowing what people are interested to know can become a major force in Communication. Molding the information regarding expression of one's own techniques and influence of communication to the information is less important than the knowledge of what entertains the crowd. I think the techniques should be applied to communicate properly and deliver to the needs of the people. Well, it’s all about Communication at the end of the day.

It was in a success media training program which was conducted by GoldenGate Int'l College. We were asked to go to the street and collect some money from people. We were supposed to mask our identity, make some excuses and convince the public to provide us some money. It was a kind of prank. However, pranks in Kathmandu were not popular during that time. I was not able to withdraw any amount. We were assigned in a pair of two. My partner got her share. May be she lied. We were not supposed to say that we were on training by Success Media. I went and said, "I have lost my wallet, I just came to Kathmandu from Biratnagar." “Could you please help me with some money?" These were some women returning from temple. I acted so nervously that they couldn't hear my voice. They said "We could have helped you with the money, but we don't have any cash on us. We are just returning from the temple". It was my bad luck. I couldn't tell them that I was under training by Success Media and was a College Student, at Old Baneshwor. I further tried, asking a man who seemed to be a Master's student; a matured one. He instead offered me a trip to Pashupati College, when I asked money to reach the college. The lesson from this media training can be that it is really hard to convince people. Even if you are in trouble. The public wants to make a fair judgment to you. The guy who wanted to take me to the college, which I lied to, was very genuine. He might have thought that I was on drugs or wanted money for that purpose. So, he rather wanted me to drop by that particular college via an auto. It was Pashupati College in Chabahil.

I could not lie to him and tell him that I was under a training program by Success Media. My friends who were in pairs went to garden a paddy field, they worked and got paid for the work. It was the best thing to hear. It was fair and performed well. They did not lie on the pretext of rule by the Success Media.

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