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Published On: August 14, 2019 01:11 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Relationships as per platforms

Relationships as per platforms
I am amazed by the relationship we have as per platforms
Those who have never met on person but on social media goes awesome
Making jokes and promises to meet sooner 
But when time comes to meet, the vibes looses its charm and it sways away farther.
I wonder do feelings acts different as per platforms
Sometimes the talks in person gets smoother
But in online it gets heavier
Where's the problem, is it in emotions or is it in expectations,
I ponder and ponder and can't get any consoling answer.
It's ridiculous that how people share their feelings in messengers
As if they are their own and life connects like scavengers 
But the same feelings runs away when they meet in person
And I wonder why is it so despite so much of charm when talked on messenger,
but looses as soon as like leaves coming out of branch in winter.
They say relationships are complicated and I can't disagree on it
Indeed it's all made up of feelings and  you have no control on when it's gonna trigger it
Though there is no denying that two souls wants to connect
But emotions and feelings don't get comfortable and it ends with sad effect.

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