Published On: May 27, 2019 12:00 PM NPT

RED Unendurable mendacities

RED Unendurable mendacities

My eyes are running through national dailies with my morning tea. I suddenly stop at an article with amusing fact. A daily newspaper dated 2nd May 2019 published a surveyed article about the counting of lies of Donald Trump, US president, one of the most powerful leaders of current world. 

My eyes are closed and discontinue reading newspapers further. My inner eyes activate which drive me to daydreams. Images of our many leaders come to my mind who have promised for food to hungry, shelter to homeless and cloth to needy but all were in vain. Our Pseudo servers of citizens apt to be jokers of a melodrama who yodel the untimely songs of development, peace, security likely on.

 Our political leaders who deliver speeches in front of a huge gathering during election time promising to eradicate 100% poverty during next year, achievement of 100% literacy rate by next two years, washing the roads of Kathmandu by Melamchi water, standardizing like European standard in education by next year and so on if people vote them for appointing in higher government posts. We, Gukhali (not Gorkhali but the word is self explicit) people believe them and keep on voting duel-faced leaders in further elections hoping betterment in our existing conditions.

Let’s imagine, if Lie-meter (portmanteau of lie and meter which I have originated the word here) really exists in the world and it can accurately measure the lies of man it would be very fascinating. I have seen such machine in Hindi cinemas which can measure lie and true by red and green signal beeps respectively. If majority of our political leaders are checked by Liometer; one can easily say which signal will be beeped? Axiomatically, the answer is RED.

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