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Published On: November 30, 2017 11:29 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Ready Forever

Ready Forever

Have you ever been jobless? I believe most of us have at some point in our lives. And just imagine how it feels being jobless after working for so several years continuously and suddenly you’re left idle without any money that you would otherwise get regularly at the end of the month. 

During employment, you feel that you are grown up and slowly you leave the habitof askingpocket money with your parents, instead sometimes you would help by contributing some for household errands, which would ease your parents. Suddenly they start picking the habit of waiting for your contribution at the end of the month.

Our parents know the best to ask the money in a dramatic way, “Son, the gas cylinder at our home is empty and we have yet to buy the medicines for your father, do you have any money for all that?”Just imagine how it feels like when you are handicapped without a job that was like a surakchya kawach, (protective shield) protecting you every month to help you and to contribute some to your family. 

I just want to be real that life of a middleclass family is tough. No one can deny that.Almost 90 per cent Nepalis fall into this category. You have to struggle every now and then just to get a single thing done in your life. Neither you can climb higher, nor can you step down. You are in pendulum. On top of that if you fall into this category and are ambitious who want to live life on your own then being jobless for even a single day is so painful which becomes a hindrance to achieve not only your daily goals, but of those who are associated with you.

In Nepali context, one person connects to, too many lives that they have to look after each one. You cannot even imagine that your joblessness can create havoc in many lives. 

This 2016-17 washarshonmy family and me. I left the secured job as I felt monotonous doing the same thing, went to try the other just to find that it was not my forte, left that too, my college result got published and to my astonishment – I failed.Suddenly my dad suffered from stroke, leaving him paralyzed, few month later, my mom went through her life’s major heart operation. Until then I was jobless. Searched all the vacancies, filled the form, sent numerous CV’s, got few calls; appeared for a plentiful interview, saw hope, got a job from a small company, but the management was weak and staff leaving for better opportunities. Only I was there, they could not figure out what role to give it to me, sothey opted the easy wayto bid adieu after working for two months.

Being jobless can be so devastating to self that one goes into depression and frustration. I have been through this situation many times and I can understand what it goes through in their life. At this moment of life, it is very crucial that we take this phase in a positive way. It is natural to be jobless in some point of life just to find what is better for us. It is time for us to search for inner calling and give time to nurture the passions that we have kept aside for just running towards 9 to 5 jobs.This is also time for you to figure out what is lacking in your development and train in the activities to boost your skills and confidence to perform better in the next job. I have learned million-dollar life lessons that without being jobless I would not have understood the real meaning of it.

Being jobless is not a child’s pain. And, this pain won’t leave you easily until you find a way to cure it by some wise decisions before you become jobless. I would suggest that you put most of your salary into savings so that it comes as bliss when things go awry. Make good friends and maintain relationships in every walks of your life. Touch many hearts as possible and smile often. Say good words to others but make sure that your words are real. 

Be passionate, respect others, and listen often to others as they might give a clue to your dream job. There is no shame in saying that you are jobless and are looking for a job. After all, there is a famous saying in Nepali, “Bolney ko pitho ni bikcha, nabolney ko kehi pani bikdaina.”(Those who speak get their works done and those who keep quite go nowhere.)It is better to share your problems and concerns so that your friends and family members can understand you and help you find a job.

Be happy with anything that life gives you. Be okay with that, trust your guts,and believe that there is always a good thing going to happen in our life. We just need to look for the positive side of every aspect and take a clue and just work on it. 

Life gives us many things but due to the lack of understanding of the wisdom behind it, we let them go. Joblessness can also be a boon, we just need to understand the meaning of why it happened and work accordingly. Sometimes, it brings the better side of us. It offers best opportunities in our lives, which we have not even dreamt on our dreams. 

ready, forever,

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