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Published On: November 28, 2017 09:40 AM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

Ready Forever

Ready Forever

Falling in love, relating the songs that we are listening to that one person, might sound cheesy, but when we have fallen for the right person, it is the best feeling one can get. Relationships are beautiful, the connection, the bond, the love when it grows naturally is amazing.

When the thought process is similar and the conversations do not have an end, time spent with the other person passes by quickly. When the talks could be about anything and everything, and it is camaraderie, the link becomes stronger.

The understanding of the situation, the similar thought processes of two people, same values and beliefs are very important.

There are many people, who say there is some level of compromise in a relationship, what I have learnt is it is a teamwork from the journey of me to us, as two individuals learn, grow and teach each other. It could be a new outlook towards our perceptions, or sharing our dreams, there is always learning involved.

Love does strike us when we least expect it to be, and that could be the most life changing period for many. It is so true while it is said, when things are meant to be, it happens. We might be scared of commitment and our minds might wander. When the time and the person is right, FOREVER does not seem that far. While that is a strong, special and magical word, the heart automatically wants it and is clear about how truly it looks forward to it.

 The time differences and the time zones can be a pain when two people are on different sides of the world but it has its own charm. Waiting for the other one to get up and share the crazy happenings of an entire day is just the best. Nevertheless, being far away is just fine, when you are connected. The meets after long, planning of trips, the look in their eyes, the wait and the countdown all of it is worth the while.

 If this feeling is there for the longest time, it is the right time and person. If remembering that one person in different scenarios is making you smile and thinking of meeting, he/she is getting you goose bumps, you are ready, ready for forever.

Shikha is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal, Durbar Marg.

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