Published On: July 15, 2017 02:38 PM NPT By: Shreehari Poudel

Ramayan Bhawan to promote birthplace of Bhanubhakta

Ramayan Bhawan  to promote birthplace of Bhanubhakta

The birth of one of the most celebrated poet of Nepal Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya at Chudi, Ramgha has been desolated for a long time now. Bhanu Birthplace Development Committee, however, has initiated a master plan to preserve the place.

“We have been leading a master plan called Bhanu Sikhar Kotari to preserve the birthplace of Bhanubhakta,” said Chairperson of Bhanu Birthplace Development Committee, Shreebhadra Acharya. “According to the master plan, the first phase of development is taking place with the investment of Rs 13 million for the construction of Ramayan Bhawan,” said Shreebhadra.
“After the establishment of Ramayan Bhawan, we aim to establish Bhanu Griha, museum and guest house with the total investment of Rs 190 million within 10 years,” said Executive Director of Bhanu Birthplace Development Committee, Shankar Ranabhat.

“The birthplace of Bhanubhakta has been developed or promoted enough,” said one of the locals Shakuntala Dhakal. “The educated residents of Ramgha have been city centric, which is the main reason behind Ramgha being underdeveloped” she added.

Another local, Sarada Pandit, expressed her grief on the fact that although many activities have been initiated on Bhanubhakta’s name nationally as well as internationally, his birthplace is abandoned in reality. Sarada, however, said she is hopeful that the master plan would develop and promote the place as a literary touristic hub.

On the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti, Ramayan recitation, poem recitation and various other programs are organized only in Chudi Ramga, which also has left the poet’s birthplace under shadows. The locals residing there have proposed to make the place a literary touristic hub with the request to complete the master plan in time.


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