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Rabi Lamichhane‘s honesty triggered me to visit Nepal: Jacky Heung

Rabi Lamichhane‘s honesty triggered me to visit  Nepal: Jacky Heung

Photo: Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili

Jacky Heung—a Hong Kong based actor recently visited Nepal. He came with his fiancé Hayden Kuo to attend the inauguration of newly constructed Raskot Community Hospital, Kalikot. The project was piloted by Rabi Lamichhane—Nepali media icon. Basic services in the hospital commenced on April 8.

34-year-old Jacky is an emerging action actor. He has worked with Jet Li (‘Warlords’, ‘League of God’, ‘Fearless’), and Jack Ma—China’s richest man (Gong Shou Dao). Son of Charles Heung, a film producer, he stepped into movie realm with ‘Fearless’. Moreover, he is also the brand ambassador of Adidas’ Wuji collection with Jet Li.

In his five-days-long trip, he visited Kalikot, Pashupati Nath, Swayambhu Nath. My City’s Kiran Lama interacted with Jack and talked about his journey in Nepal and film career.


You have visited Nepal for the inauguration of Raskot Community Hospital campaign led by Rabi Lamichhane.  Is this your first visit to Nepal? How did you become a part of the campaign?


Yeah, it’s my first visit. Oh, it’s a story there. I met a coffee lady in Hong Kong. She is an Indian and is married to a Nepali. We became friends. One day, during dinner, she talked to me about Rabi. She said that he is a hero and helps the entire country. She suggested me to work together with him. Then, we were out of contact for some time. Suddenly, she called and informed that Rabi was in Hong Kong. She also asked me to meet him. It was like six month ago and I went to a hiking event hosted by the Nepali community. The first time, I met Ravi and got to know about what he is doing for his country. I was touched by his honesty. Honesty of Rabi triggered me to visit Nepal.

 You grew up in a developed country like Hong Kong. You also visited one of the remote places of Nepal—Kalikot. Was there any obstacle in your journey? Can you share some of your experiences of your Journey?

Had I thought there would be an obstacle, I would never visit Kalikot. The place was wonderful as Rabi told me earlier. Souls of the people were pure. However, the place lacked basic health facilities. The best part of the journey was visiting the ‘Shiva Temple’ perched on top of the hill. Everybody was sincerely offering their prayers.  This really touched me.

Majority of your fellow-citizens follow Buddhism. However, you are into Hinduism—especially follow Lord Shiva. Tell me about how you turned into a Shiva-devotee?

I was born in a Buddhist family. And I was struggling in terms of my career and business fortunes. Five years ago, I got a chance to visit Shiva’s temple in India. Then, I didn’t know who Shiva was. When I saw the Shivalinga, I was stunned. It touched my heart and soul. This was the best moment of my life. From that moment, I believed in the existence of God. Consequently, I become a Shiva Bhakta (devotee).

Your father is a film producer and you have a film background. Is this the reason why you are in this industry?

Definitely, that‘s the very reason for me to have stepped into the film industry. But when I started my career, it was not easy. Throughout seven years, my father hardly supported me in pursuing my career. Since I was bored with my monotonous romantic image, I seriously asked for his help. He then financially supported me in nurturing my acting skills. Then, I started intense training in martial arts. I was 26 then.

You featured with Jack-ma—China‘s richest person in Gong Shou Dao. How was your experience working with him? Any memorable experience you would like to share with us?

I felt like I’m fighting with a money tree. But that was a joke. Honestly, I was pretty nervous about working with him. He is a billionaire, and yet a nice guy. He invited the best fighter from China for this short movie. He is totally motivational and an inspiring person for lots of guys in China. He also respected martial arts.

You recently got engaged with your co-actor in ‘Best-time’—Hayden Kuo. When are you going to tie a knot?

I don’t know yet. Probably, by this year’s end.

What will be the things you will miss about Nepal after you return to Hong Kong? Will you come back again?

I will miss those pure eyes in Kalikot, the hospital, pure souls which were so beautiful.  Being a Hindu, I will certainly miss the Shiva temple which I can’t find in Hong Kong. Of course, I will be back again soon.

Do you follow Nepali movie? What is the difference between Chinese and Nepali movies?

Actually I have watched some Nepali movies. But I can’t remember the names. I like them all. Most of the movies in Nepal are musical drama—full of songs and dance which we find in the movie back home. (Especially during the black and white era). However, my new movie is also a melodrama like Nepali movies.

What are the challenges of being famous and how do you overcome them?

If you find fame as an obstacle, do not get into the movie industry. 

What is your message for those who want to be in the film industry?

Do it when you are young. Don’t regret and have faith in yourself. The main thing is to know yourself.




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