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Subesh Gupta

We ‘men’ often come up with a grandiose view of one’s judgments. Afterwards, the theories are set, be it gender or social apartheid, though, without considering the error of judgments. Be it the reason for gender role stereotypes built on the foundation of prejudicial judgments or the courtesy of compassion, discrimination against women based on assumptions that women are supposed to be, look, or behave as if they are meek, weak and physically helpless became the rationality of patriarchal society. 

Women have always been a victim of the act of gender-based discrimination. As a matter of fact, such discrimination has been the main cause of most of the violence against them. In most of the cases, they have been portrayed as an innocent victim that has become too weak to resist the fear of shame. Feminists’ campaign against such violence often becomes the headlines, but the storytellers are the perpetrators themselves who hid behind the moral camouflage. 

Women are not created weaker; instead, physically; they are stronger than men. Their unflinching determination to face the most terrible condition and to undergo the greatest upheavals in their body insures the survival of men’s generation. Yet, they are seldom considered as founder of constant evolution. They are to be revered, not just because they are mothers, daughters, sisters, & wives but as humans with their remarkable stories of struggles and pains to protect the loved ones. But why the protectors themselves are unprotected? Why do they suffer the most brutal acts of humanity that they are the creator of it? Why the same goddesses become fallen angels for the sins of men? 

The irony is, gender violence often fails to justify per se. The one that raised their voice in the past, are often found to be disrepute for blemished character. Does anyone want to be remembered as such? If no, then, who’s going to break the ice? Who’s going to fight back? Who will protest against those uncivilized ones still walking like predators among the civilians? 

Let’s say that someone dared to stand up against all the injustices, inequalities and violence. Most of the time, the sufferance grows considerably. The journey of endurance is made more difficult by every immoral means. But that one small act of dare will send forth a tiny ripple of hope, and traverse around the millions of different miles of the universe. Subsequently, all those small ripples unite to form a current that can succeed to flood with a lot of the guiltiest out of their own guilt. One contemporary example is #MeToo movement which just started with a hashtag used on social media. 

Both the reasoning and rationality of assumptions that woman is meek, weak and physically helpless have been invalidated by the extraordinary courage of ordinary ones standing next to each other. They have started fighting against all odds and injustice. They are becoming knowledgeable about their freedom and rights which allowed them to know their strength. The violators that tried to rob their liberty are now robbed of their own. All the discrimination, social norms and gender stereotype are being eradicated statutorily. 

Women are being empowered to build self-esteem and ability to succeed outside. They are better off today, but still not safe from their male counterparts. Thus, women empowerment must begin at home. Men, too, must be taught the value of women in their lives. They must respect women for their capability of being self-reliant, independent and strong. Whether it’s home or workplace, men must let women feel safe with equal support and assistance. If women are always taught to accept her destiny, then men must learn to believe in them. Therefore, men must honor women for all their sacrifices to make them really ‘men’. If men are kings, only just because of inherited crown; then every woman in this world is queen even without a tiara on their heads. 

Subesh is pursuing CA from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal, Satdobato.

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