Published On: August 28, 2018 09:53 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Queen in greens

Queen in greens

As I listen to the music of rivers
I am reminded of you somewhere sitting faraway in the laps of mountains
Your face comes to me as splashes of water drops 
Your permed hair reminds me of waves of the river
Your long finger touches my feelings as if caressing my emotions
Oh your soul has been my savior
Of the memories that comes as a lullaby travelling into the boat full of adventure

It’s raining heavily here in the mountains
And my heart longs for you to see to be certain
Are you okay the queen in greens
The soft smile of yours singing love dancing and twinkling
The horsemen comes with a musical bands
Plays a music of heart dedicating to us
I look at your eyes and it smiles in shy 
I take you by my arm and swim deep in the roses 
That makes the most of the stories in golden fragrances

It’s getting dark here on the edges of hills
The light in those houses gives me thrills
I wonder what might you be doing there 
As memories comes as if watching a movie in pairs
Your big eyes are pretty as it talks of dwellings
Wanting you in those days talking about musings
But the moments has crossed many bridges
And life here faraway has sung words of you in voyages
The fluttering of leaves talks only about you
I wonder how come it knew more than me about you. 
I wonder how come it knew more than me about you. 

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