Published On: January 24, 2019 04:21 PM NPT

Public vehicle chit-chats!

Public vehicle chit-chats!


You need to reach your school, office or for any committed appointment on time. And if you are using public vehicles to reach your destination, then you might get caught in everyday conversations at the vehicle. Here is a list of conversation starters in the public vehicle that can create a bond between commuters and share some good laughs.

Why wearing driver’s jacket?

It is now compulsory for the public vehicle drivers and conductors to don their jackets. They can be heard saying, "What a useless piece of cloth? Neither is it warm in winters nor it keeps you cool during the summers. It's a useless compulsion for us and a way to earn more for the authority. On top of that this material is only durable for four months." If traffic catches them without the jacket, they are fined Rs 1000.

Where to stop and where not to?

There is this dilemma going on among microbus drivers and the commuters. As the traffic rules seem to change from time to time, everyone is confused about where to wait for the vehicle and where not to. And the conversation between the driver and commuter simply goes as such:

Commuter: Why aren't any public vehicles stopping at their stops that they once used to stop at?

Driver: What to do? The traffic law has changed again, and we are the ones who are still suffering. It's like traffic law plays the role of an antagonist between two lovers—namely, public vehicle and commuters.

No works, no votes!

As the ride goes on and if there are some grownups who love to talk about politics then they will bring this topic out--We aren't going to vote. Here's what they sound like,

Commuter: Kasto dukkha paiyyo. Gaadi kaha chadne, kaha kurne? Yesto parale ta yo sarkar le arko pali vote paudaina. (This government won't get any of my votes. I am suffering so much already. I don't know where to stay for public vehicle and where not.)

Youngsters, college talks and sports:

A group of young students grab their seats at a microbus. As soon as they are seated, the general conversation is either college talks (chit-chats on question papers in the exams, college fests, and other college activities) or the talk is about sports, (say English Premier league, La Liga, Seria A, amongst others). The conversation is worth listening to. It makes you feel at times, “These guys are so much into the game. Why don’t they become official advisors for the teams they support?”

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