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Public Speaking an art to engage audience

Public Speaking an art to engage audience

Public speaking is an art to deliver a fluent and effective speech in front of an audience. It is usually performed live in front of a large audience such as school functions, beauty pageants, and other formal programs. Unlike normal speaking or communication, public speaking needs a lot of practice and skill as speakers should have the capability to bind the audience to their words. The public speakers need to take special caution not to speak any controversial or biased word.

No matter whether it is a causal get together or a formal event, the speaker must have good communication skills to speak in front of the audience. The person who has excellent skills can easily melt the heart of the audience through their words. Usually, you can see them making audience listen to them with their strong oratory powers.

Public speakers need to have knowledge of different fields as they have to speak at various events of various scales. A host of local beauty pageant might get chance to host an international conference as well. Public speakers must have an ability to deliver eloquent speech on different topic in different situations. 

At the beginning, people might feel nervous speaking in front of the public. But practice helps them overcome their stage fright. According to famous RJ, VJ and program producer Suraj Giri, “Public speaking is an art which will develop gradually so one must keep on learning and researching about different topics to enhance their speaking skills.” 

Apart from fearlessness and practice, body language is another key point for public speakers to gain the attention of the audience. “One must be confident about the topic of their speaking and must do a research before going to the event,” said Rojin Shakya, famous public speaker of Nepal and host of Miss Mermaid Singapore and Miss Heritage International, among others. “Similarly, facial expression is another essential thing for the public speaker. Speakers must perform the related body language in synchronization with their topic which will keep the audience captivated.” 

Similarly, speakers must be comfortable with their language and should not make any biased or controversial remarks. Famous RJ, program host and former Miss Newa Sunita Dangol said she makes sure that she is well prepared for the topic of speaking and collects lots of information on it. “I think public speakers should be spontaneous and should have the capability to run the program even in difficult situations like some technical problems or some emergency,” she added. 

Likewise, public speakers should do research about their topic so that they don’t make any mistake while speaking. Dangol, who hosted a felicitation program of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent Nepal visit, said: “Public speaking is really important in our daily life as it teaches us to interact with different people. But one must present their language in a good manner to impress the audience.” 

Along with research, speakers should participate in different types of speaking activities and learn from their previous mistakes. “Improvement of speaking skill is a gradual process, so one should participate in maximum events and check their mistakes in their previous program and try not to repeat the same in another programs,” said Giri. “Public speaking is an art of leading the audience with a voice so it’s not an easy task. One must work hard to meet the expectation of the audience and become a good public speaker,” he added.

Generally, formal talks are only considered to be a public speaking but no matter whether it is a casual get together or a formal meeting, speaking in front of the audience is an act of public speaking. So this is very important in the modern times where being expressive and articulating thought is an essential part of life to communicate in an effective manner.  

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