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Published On: August 19, 2019 06:06 PM NPT By: Shreena Nepal

Prosperity is only possible where a woman is respected and valued

Prosperity is only possible where a woman is respected and valued

Why do you think we haven’t had a woman Prime Minister till date? Because she might have probably been aborted!

Even a country whose half of the population comprised of women is not able to show their full potential in their respective work field. This has resulted women not being able to contribute toward the development of the country in full potential.

I am wondering why this discrimination is happening? Is it because men are more powerful and stronger than women? Still wondering the problem right? I'll answer, it is because they are busy in the corners of the country being pregnant and aborting a female child for a male child.

One of the burning issues of our country Nepal is women are risking their lives in obsession for a male child. Women are physically abused and mentally tortured, if they do not give birth to a son. Science says giving birth to more than five babies in average increases the chance of heart diseases and giving birth after the age of 35 increases the chance of high complication in both mother and the child.

This obsession for male child is rooted deeply in our society where the society believes that having a son in the family upgrades their social status. And due to illiteracy and superstitious believes people take girl child as burden in the family and son as the one who helps them open the heaven’s gate after their death.

However, those who haven’t studied religious books are the ones to believe in such beliefs. If we look into the holy book ‘Geeta’, it says 'Prosperity is only possible where a woman is respected and valued.'

Likewise, in ‘Regveda’ there is a beautiful sloka that is translated as 'O women! These mantras are given to you equally (as to men). May your thoughts, too be harmonious. Your mind and consciousness should be harmonious. I (the Rishi) give you these mantras equally as to men and give you all the powers to absorb these mantras.'

Meanwhile, we all are hypocrites, it is different that we haven’t realized it and are stuck just in the name of culture and our values. I just have one question — when will this misogyny be eradicated and before being called a woman or man will we be able to call ourselves human?

At the end, remember when you are killing a female child for a male child; you are killing a girl who has the potential to be Florence Nightingale, Pushpa Basnet and remember when you are risking life of female child for a male child, you are risking the life of Mother Teresa, Anuradha koirala and Susila Karki. Me being a women and talking about such stuffs really hurts, so I would like to say 'it's a girl' should not be a death sentence.


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