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Published On: August 26, 2019 01:27 PM NPT By: Sambriddha Raj Maharjan

Prioritizing skills and trainings

Prioritizing skills and trainings

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Nothing is perfect. The desire to achieve, if not perfect but even close to perfectness, is life’s unyielding truth. Everyone aspires and has goals, everyone starts from square one and sets upon a path to find what we truly want to achieve, the life that we so heartily desire. But, another truth of life is ‘hardships'. Nothing is easy or trivial. Nonetheless, it is not a lonely journey or an uncoordinated one. We face such dilemmas and hardships on a daily front, from vigorous childhood to frail old age. Problems never cease to accompany us in our journeys, it only transfigures with time along with us. To a child ‘homework' might be a problem and to an adult making ends meet might be one. But, in today’s day and age, unemployment is the major problem for the youngsters. 

Incompetency is one of the major reasons for decline in employment opportunities. Stakeholders like government authorities who are responsible for making better policies and regulations for establishment of institutions like factories, industries, service, agriculture, etc are incompetent at their jobs. They aren’t capable to formulate required regulations. And such problems are especially prevalent in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, India and more.

Meanwhile, due to the lack of infrastructures, there is a lack of skilled manpower in our country. Moreover, one more major factor behind unemployment is due to nepotism and favoritism. Even skilled manpower is forced to take upon jobs out of their expertise to make ends meet. However, due to the increase in population, one has to go through tough competition for getting a job. And to earn for the living, most of the youths prefer to go abroad. And as they are not skilled, they chose to go to middle-eastern gulf countries and get engaged in any labor work for survival.

Moreover, life really is short and uncertain. The trouble one must face is innumerable. What needs to be done is that instead of ignoring said problems that arise abruptly, everyone must lend a hand to solve these problems and look for unanimous solutions. Youth must prioritize getting required skills and trainings, dignity of labor must be established by clearing away existing misconceptions. The global community must stand together at clearing away such problems by emphasizing quality and quantity.

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