Published On: January 13, 2020 07:00 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Prepared for the worst (POEM)

Prepared for the worst (POEM)

Hey, are you listening?

If then, I would say that you be prepared for the worst

As no one will be with you on the roads

The destination that you might walk in

Might not have interest in others

So the problems that you might face it

Won't be understood by others


It's better that you predict the nightmare

And work on it to never let it happen

If in case it occurs, you'll know how to sharpen


Just be careful, and listen to the sounds of soul

Move and swing, climb and crawl 

As it's you who have to face the ball

So understand where it gonna go foul

And play it with kind but beware of the troll


As all eyes are on you

They gonna throw words that gonna hit you

So defend it as you know where you gonna be torn

So get along with needles and thread to sew the holes to protect from scorn.


The worst is vulnerable

It's the delicate moment where you gonna fall or you gonna rise

But always choose the right mindset

And work against the tides to choose only the best to be precise.

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