August 11, 2018

Premier League on a larger scale

The entire footballing realm is obsessed with Premier League. Starting from the player signings to speculating the league winner, football enthusiasts follow each episode in hopes of finding the strengths and weaknesses of the participating teams. The yearly gala gets followers to sob at defeats of their favorite teams and celebrate the victory in full might. While it’s the dream of every fan to experience the grandeur,live, from a stadium, not everyone gets the chance to do so. For those, less fortunate, there’s always a possibility of bringing the game to a location of their choice; all they need is a handful of supporters and an enormous tv-screen.

Citing the passion of football fanatics, many pubs in Kathmandu bring English stadiums to K-town. Notable matches draw a large crowd cheering for their favorite teams. While admirers get the opportunity to celebrate the moment, the influx is also profitable to the hosts as well.

My City’s Rahat Poudel talked to the owners of several pubs and bars with the reputation of screening the Premier League on large screens.

Tranzit Cafe and Sports Bar
Location: Maitighar, Kathmandu
Seat capacity: 100 in a table-less arrangement

Tranzit does not charge for cover, but buying a drink is mandatory. For a minimum of Rs 500, one can enjoy a full-length game without the fear of being kicked out from the bar. However, it’s advisable that you place an order of the chef’s special, ‘Tiger Chicken’ at Tranzit. It is a chicken amalgamation with chilies and hot sauce. Also, watch out for the special screenings with complimentary beers.

Sports Hive Bar and Lounge
Location: Jhamsikhel Marg, Patan
Seating capacity: 300 in two separate halls 

Sports Hive Bar and Lounge has a double-hall facility where more than 300 viewers can watch the live football action simultaneously. A cover charge of Rs 300 is collected at the door, but upon entering, you’re entitled to snacks and drinks. 

The large seating capacity also establishes the hub as the meeting point of the fans of two rival teams. However, Sports Hive has been able to ward off unfortunate incidents. 

Aaron Sports Lounge and Snooker House 
Location: Gatthaghar Road, Madhyapur Thimi
Seating capacity: Less than 40nt

Aaron Sports Lounge and Snooker House is ideal for Bhaktapur based Premier League fans. Since most sports bars are in Kathmandu and Patan, the fanatics from Bhaktapur are compelled to choose between Thamel and Jhamsikhel. The seating capacity, however, is a tad disappointing. It can only hold 40 people at one time. 

You don’t need to pay for entrance, but if you happen to be carrying along some dignity, order a drink or some food while you enjoy the game. 

The Nest
Location: Saatghumti, Thamel
Seating capacity: More than 100

 The Nest is an established acoustic gig hub. They’re also known for the screening of sports events, including Premier League matches, in big screens.
The owners suggest buying a drink, at least, while you visit for the screening. Cover charge is not required for entrance. 


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