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Published On: October 8, 2019 09:23 AM NPT By: Agencies

Pregnancy brain: Everything you need to know

Pregnancy brain: Everything you need to know

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Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in not one but many ways. Changes are not just physical but also mental due to the changes the baby is going to bring to your life. And one of the biggest things that most pregnant women fear is pregnancy brain.

What is pregnancy brain?

Pregnancy brain is when a woman becomes more forgetful during her pregnancy. Though there are many people who believe that pregnancy brain is just a myth, there are some who feel it is absolutely true. To know more, read ahead about how pregnancy brain is real.

You are thinking about bigger things

Waiting for your baby to arrive can make you feel overwhelmed. The 9 months feel like forever, with so much to plan. During the nine months, you are constantly thinking about your baby and thus it’s easy for you to forget little things. This can be true because planning for a baby can change your life completely.

Lack of sleep

Everyone needs sleep to survive. Sleep gives our brain and body time to relax. But pregnancy often makes it difficult for women to sleep. The lack of sleep can cause pregnancy brain. So, make sure you are getting enough sleep during pregnancy to maintain your overall health and memory.

Not a new phenomenon

When you are pregnant, your friends, family and everyone around you tell you about their experience. And as per that, pregnancy brain is not something new, it’s something that everyone has faced. And when multiple generations of women have experienced, then how can it be not real? Talk to your friends and family and share what you feel with them.

It’s due to stress

Dealing with work, home and everything else can stress you out. And the thought of becoming pregnant can make you even more stressed. Too much stress can lead to forgetfulness. You do not need to worry about it, as it’s absolutely normal.

Your body is going through a lot

Pregnancy is not a cakewalk. Sometimes it's just the feeling of sickness all day long. With so many changes happening, your brain may be affected as well. Now your body is not just working in keeping you healthy but also in creating a new life. This is all normal, so just make sure you go easy on yourself.

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