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Published On: December 4, 2019 07:49 PM NPT By: Republica

Pradeepta being Vajrayogini for Miss Universe 2019

Pradeepta being Vajrayogini for Miss Universe 2019

Photo Courtesy: Instagram


Miss Nepal Universe 2019 Pradeepta Adhikari is currently representing Nepal, at Miss Universe 2019 in USA. In the Miss Universe National Costume Presentation, Pradeepta is seen being the Vajrayogini.

Vajrayogini is a female Buddhist deity, consort of Heruka, a Dākinī (energetic beings in female form) whose essence is great passion to free all of selfishness and illusion. Vajrayogini is often depicted in red, performing her proud, powerful, fearless and erotic dance. The curved knife she carries function as an object that cuts through defilement, ignorance and stupidity. The cup she holds represents what in Sanskrit is known as ‘Manasukha’ or ‘the great bliss’. Vajrayogini provides people who possess great passion, a way to transform it into enlightened virtues.

Explaining about Vajrayogini and her costume, Pradeepta wrote on her Instagram, “She is manifestation of all Buddha’s wisdom of clear light with one face, two arms and red colored body. Her red-colored body symbolizes the blazing of her tummo (candali) or "inner fire" of spiritual transformation as well as life force (Shakti). The second part of the body is the bliss aspect manifested as Heruka, in blue colored body. Her emanation is throughout the universe. This Tantric Buddhist female works towards achieving greater well-being for others and to destroy clinging ego in people. She is adorned in different ornaments which hold deep meaning.”

Likewise, she wrote on her Facebook post, “We now have voting for direct entry to Top 20 at #MissUniverse2019. One vote for every single person is free and additional votes can be purchased using mobile operator and/or credit card billing, depending on your region.
Thank you for your constant love and support. You can vote for me using the link below”

The finale of Miss Universe is scheduled on December 9.


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