Published On: August 22, 2017 10:55 AM NPT By: Santosh Subedi

Pokhara's City Buses Equipped With GPS

Pokhara's City Buses Equipped With GPS

POKHARA, August 22: Pokhara Bus Entrepreneurs Committee introduced GPS technology in association with Nextzone International Pvt Ltd in their city buses from Monday.

The Annual General Meeting of the committee decided to introduce the technology to mark its 25th anniversary. 

Informing more about the use of GPS technology, secretary of the committee Amrit Sharma Timilsina shared, “The technology is expected to upgrade our service and minimize various complaints regarding the bus”

The GPS technology is currently available in 358 buses. Timilsina added, "The technology will later be added in 20 more buses. GPS will help track the buses’ location, with details such as when the buses left/reached their stations and if the buses reached the allocated routes, among others.”

The speed limit for city buses is 40 km/hour in town areas and 30 km/hour in rural areas. “We’ve been receiving complaints that many buses surpass their speed limit. The GPS technology will help us keep track of the buses flouting speed limit,” said Timilsina. 

"This will help in providing quality service along with safety to the public. The technology will also help in investigating road accidents," added Timilsina.

The committee has spent Rs 800,000 for the GPS, while six people -- an engineer, sub-engineer and four technicians -- have been employed to manage the technology. 

Meanwhile, the committee on Monday also launched evening buses that will run till 9 pm. Evening city buses will ply along two routes within the lake city. The committee is also planning to introduce e-cards in the near future after further deliberation. "The e-card will eliminate complaints regarding irregularities in bus fare," shared Timalsina.

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