Published On: January 22, 2019 07:13 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Plays for the week

Plays for the week

Plays for the week

If you are a regular theatergoer, mark your time—new plays are waiting for you this week. Here is a list plays My City suggests for the theater-enthusiasts of K-town.

Bath Tub

Veteran actor and director Neer Shah is all set to return on stage after three decades with a new play ‘Bath Tub’. He plays the character of a book writer. The play is scheduled to be staged at Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali from Thursday. Directed by Ghimire Yubaraj, the play is based on the new book by Kumar Nagarkoti. According to the director, the play is experimental and will give entertain the spectators with its new flavors.

Place: Shilpee Theater, Battisputali

Time: 4:30 PM (except Tuesdays)


Adapting to the city life story, new play 'Swapnil-Swapna-Nagari' will be showcased on Mandala Theatre from Thursday. Directed by Bikash Joshi, the seventh batch of Mandala Theater will perform the play. Director Joshi told MyCity that the play will touch the realism of city life. “People have perceived Kathmandu as dream city. But as they land here, they see the dark-side of the city,” Joshi shared. Pradip Kumar Chaudhary has penned the drama.

Place: Mandala Theater, Anamnagar

Time: 5 PM (except Mondays)


'Mrityalaya' is a new lab production play of Sarwanam Theatre. It has been staged since Sunday. Directed and written by 13th batch students, the play is satirical and targeted against political and social degradation.

Place: Sarwanam Theater

Time: 5 PM (Except Thursdays)

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