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Published On: June 1, 2017 09:29 AM NPT By: Amar Khadka

Places to visit in Itahari

Places to visit in Itahari

Living the urban life can be monotonous at times, which is why travelling is essential. But it might not be possible for us to plan elaborate trips abroad. Here we bring to you, some destinations you can visit within the country that don’t need much preparation.

Chintan Chautari Hotel

If you want to experience the local culture and lifestyle of Itahari, then maybe you should consider staying at this unique hotel. The interiors of the cottages are interesting with artworks and items that reflect the lifestyle of the locals of Itahari. 

Mechi Kali Pokhari

Mechi Kali Pokhari is located within the sub-metropolitan areas of Itahari. People come here for boat rides and to visit the temple located at the middle of the lake.

Regional Agriculture Research Centre

Located at Tarhara, Itahari, this research center is an attractive destination for students of agriculture. It also makes for an interesting destination for tourists visiting the surrounding areas.

Taal Talaiya

Taal Talaiya, located at a distance of 700 meters east from Itahari Chowk, is a famous tourist destination in Itahari. Here you can see interesting stone sculptures created during the International Residential Sculpture Workshop last year. You can also visit the zoo located nearby or spend some family time at the Fun Park inside the premises. However, these areas can get crowded on Saturdays since school kids visit it for educational tours.

Ocean Park

This water park has various activities that kids will enjoy and locals throng here during public holidays.

Itahari Mall

Itahari Mall is a seven storey mall built with an investment of 25 crore. It has a 12D cinema theatre, multiplex, branded stores, showrooms and care-centers.

Premier Hotel School

Functioning not only as a school, Premier Hotel School also serves as a restaurant that offers fresh and delicious food. Those who want to get involved in the hospitality sector can enroll themselves here.

Buddhi-Ganga Jamuna Mukti Ghat

Five years ago, Buddhi-Ganga Jamuna Mukti Ghat used to be a deserted place. It used to be a cremation site. Due to this reason people were afraid to stay there for too long. As a result it turned into a dumping site. However, these days the locals have started working to keep the area clean and it’s become an area of cultural significance with a lot of tourists visiting it.

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