Published On: November 8, 2017 09:14 AM NPT

Performance Art Play Reaches Dharan

Performance Art Play Reaches Dharan

DHARAN, Nov 7: Calarab Dharan on Monday organized a Performance Art play at Bhanu Chowk, Dharan. The play started with the actors, all dressed in black and as facebook, messenger, youtube as well as various games, entering inside a mobile phone. Each actor then presented different stories of cyber bullying and cyber crime as various social media applications. 

As they were doing so, three people in white dress and white mask appeared at the stage and they started painting different things on the wall. Now, these three characters somehow also got copied in the mobile phone and had a tough time adjusting with the already existing applications. So they gradually kicked off the already existing ‘evil-minded’ applications to make the phone a better device. 

The play was set around the statute of Bhanubhakta at Bhanu Chowk, Dharan.
“We have used black color to indicate negativity and white to depict positive characters, we are trying to spread a message that people are gradually forgetting their personality and flair with their increasing involvement with technology,” said actor Aaiestha Rai. 
He added, “Incidents of blackmail, robbery, cyber bullying and hacking are some dark sides of the internet and social media if you don’t use these platforms properly. Carelessness can lead to big disasters.” 

The play aimed at showing that all things have negative as well as positive aspects, but it depends on each individual how they make use of things. As it was a ‘performance art’, all messages were symbolic. 

This is the second time that Dharan has witnessed performance art. “Most people do not understand performance art because it is new,” said actor Mahendra Rai. Actors Hamenta Thapa, Bikram Wanem, Sony Rai, Jeevan Poudel and Sashi Kirand also performed in the play. 


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