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Published On: May 28, 2018 09:46 AM NPT By: Sujan Paudel

Peek-a-boo, can I copy you?

Peek-a-boo, can I copy you?

Copying in exams is a common trend nowadays, considering the immense competition in every field. The pressure to excel is higher than ever and there’s an undying urge for everyone to stand out from the rest. Additionally, the stress from parents makes the situation more intense. So, what’s the easiest solution? Cheat to secure higher marks. 

Now, what leaves everyone pondering is the credibility of these students. How can they perform in real-life and thereby contribute to the development of the nation? 

Students have adopted different and unique ways to copy in exams. They may exchange their answer-sheets, or ask fellow examinees for what they suppose to be the correct answer. Similarly, copying from the small cheats is the all-time favorite to many. You know the drill, copy answers on a small slip and pray to god that your efforts don’t go wasted. 

They may also try to persuade the invigilator in the hope of extracting answers. Sometimes, the innovative ones even turn their body parts into canvases comprising answers. All you need to do is, strip your clothes in the bathroom and sneak in the answers. This surely reminds of some superhero, doesn’t it?

In rural Nepal, the cheat drills are even more fascinating. The daring examinees throw their question paper out of the window to the waiting friends outside the exam hall. The friend then writes the answers and is again taken back to the same student without letting others know. There are many ways to cheat in exams. With every passing session, the cheaters further flaunt their skills.
To address this problem, this defective process in the education system should be stopped. At first, the parents or elders should not give their children the pressure to excel in every field. This psychological pressure, often deemed unnecessary, constantly puts the students under pressure. The students should be given the freedom to study in their own way. 

Additionally, educational institutions should be urged to follow the vocational system of education. This system emphasizes the students to perform practical tasks in front of the teachers. This should surely eliminate the sense of unnecessary pressure posed by the parents. 

Most importantly, those who are caught copying or helping the students in exam hall should be punished. To discourage such behaviors, the ratio of students to invigilator should be matched. If these measures are followed, then, wheat can be sorted out from the chaff to some extent.


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