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Published On: July 18, 2018 09:33 AM NPT By: Prashasti Aryal



Bars surrounded me,
And the walls were firm.

The fabric was flimsy and old,
Depriving me from any warmth.

They kept me away,
From the cruelty of the outside world.

They kept me safe,
From what kept pacing on the other side.

My mind was innocent,
My heart was fragile.

I wasn’t corrupted,
I definitely wasn’t an imbecile.

I wanted to stay that way,
Pure and innocent.

But these brutal beings,
They provoked me.

They were deceitful,
They turned me into one of them.

They made me illicit,
I didn’t remain as kempt.

Although I wasn’t on my best before,
I was dirty with rags.

But, my mind was clear,
and my heart was neat.



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