Published On: March 11, 2019 06:12 PM NPT

‘Paltaney Ko Photo’ launched

‘Paltaney Ko Photo’ launched

Litterateur Raksha Rai’s new story collection ‘Paltaney Ko Photo’ was launched amid at an event held in Pragya Pratisthan on Wednesday. Former Chancellor at Pragya Patisthan, Bairagi kainla launched the book at the event jointly organized by Nepali Pragya Pratisthan UK, and Shangri-La Books.

Appreciating Rai’s work for actively contributing as a Nepali Diaspora in the UK, Kainla expressed that his works of literature would be a mile stone for the Nepali literature to prosper.

 “‘Paltan ko Photo’ is the meeting point of ideas, philosophy and contemplation. Rai’s works comprise of deep diasporic elements with an organic taste to military influenced literature,” said Novelist and critic Prof Dr Gyanu Pandey.

The event was organised in the chairmanship of Poet Shashi Lumumbu, the Lifetime member of Nepali Pragya Pratisthan in the UK. Poets Jasraj Kirati, Madan Rai ‘Lamakhule’ and Tika Chamling held discussion and expressed their thoughts on Rai’s works and contribution to Nepali literature.

Published by Shangri-La books, the collection comprises of 17 stories. Founder and President at Nepali Pragya Pratisthan, UK, some of Rai’s published works include ‘Sahid ki Aama ko Laas’, ‘Baluwa Ma Arko Nepal’, ‘Desh Dukheko Chha’, ‘Salik Ubhiera Gorkhali’ and ‘Poet in Killing Zone’ (English anthology).

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