Published On: June 12, 2017 08:42 AM NPT

Open discussion on cyber security

Open discussion on cyber security

KATHMANDU: An open discussion on ‘Cyber Security in Nepal’ followed by concept sharing on the National Innovation Center was held, among the youth groups on Saturday at Quick Volunteer, Baneshwar. According to the press statement released by Quick Volunteer, young people from diverse academic backgrounds participated at the discussion.

The discussion focused on the current situation of internet security and cyber law in Nepal as well as the importance of the National Innovation Center in Nepal. Public Offence Act 2004 and Electronic Transaction, and Digital Signature Act 2004, also known as the cyber law (cyber law Nepal 2061 or Cybercrime Act Nepal), and its implementation was analyzed. In addition to this, challenges on the implementation of these cyber security laws in Nepal were also discussed.

Quoting one of the participants, the statement said, “Proper formulation of cyber laws has turned essential for the developments of information technology in Nepal. Internet technology and communication has given rise to new global commerce in innovation, information and services.”

Information technology is changing many aspects of human activity such as education, information, business, culture, entertainment, and knowledge. Rapid advances in computer technology have been fueled concerns, in many countries, regarding a need to revise cyber law in order to respond to computer crime.

Young people suggested that the existent cyber law of Nepal has to be revised and the implementation mechanism needs to be strengthened since cyber issues are rising all over the world. If the Nepal government and concerned authorities do not priorities revising and strengthen cyber law, Nepal will bear a big loss in the future, the press statement added.  

Moreover, a discussion on the National Innovation Center (NIC) was also initiated by Dr Mahabir Pun.  The open discussion focused on the importance of NIC in Nepal. Young people have formulated a group that campaigns for NIC. The conclusion of the discussion was to organize awareness campaigns globally as well as to start a fundraising campaign. Young people speaking at the discussion urged all young people to take part in the National Innovation Center’s promotional campaigns, since the idea to set-up a National Innovation Centre promotes creativity and generates jobs so Nepali people don’t have to migrate abroad for work.


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