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Published On: November 15, 2019 05:46 PM NPT By: Bishan Poudel

One object with numerous beneficial uses

One object with numerous beneficial uses

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Personal Computers’ (PC) are global phenomenon and these have turned the way the world operates. They have various general uses that attract a worldwide audience to use them. PC’s can be used to watch movies and other streams as well, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and soon to come Disney plus as well as sports streams are used worldwide.

Meanwhile, Google is an worldwide famous search engine which people of every country use except for China and North Korea to gather information related to their study or stuffs happening all over the planet and universe. PC’s with the use of internet has centralized the world through communication services like Messenger, Instagram among others.

People love these new concepts of podcast that now has been creating a buzz worldwide, Audible a service that reads book for you and music that has been a part of human life, ever since its introduction and PC’s are a one stop hub where each and every sort of these activities can be done.

Freelancing is a way of earning money simply working from home and PC’s are helpful hand in it. PC’s are used for online sale of necessary goods. Sites such as Hamrobazar and Sasto Deal has been helpful for buy and sell first or 2nd hand goods whereas Amazon, Daraz and many more have been one stop online supermarket. Online paying through esewa, paypal or other online banking functions are also a way PC’s are used in home. 

In a nutshell, PC’s are used in our home and there are thousands of ways people use them in the world as per their need. 

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